About this Blog

Mislokate is a personal blog that is mostly about Turkey and sometimes about other countries. I like to write about my personal experiences as a North American living in Turkey, Turkish pop culture, the stories I hear, and the people I meet.

About Me

Kate isn’t my real name. Adem isn’t my boyfriend’s real name. I try to keep too many obvious personal details off the blog. I also change the names of the people I write about, although I promise all the stories are basically true.


About Us

Due to my limited perspective, I’m always looking for people to engage my writing. Please leave a comment that tells me why you agree or disagree with what I’m saying, and I’ll do my best to think about it and write you a thoughtful response.

For the record, I’m not anonymous because I have any intention of being a horrible internet troll, but because I wish to be able to be honest about my feelings in a country where self-censorship is generally the safest option.

Write us your thoughts about this post. Be kind & Play nice.

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